A fully stock bar.

The large hall has a seating capacity of 162 people.


The large hall is great for those larger gatherings. We have over 10 round tables to use that seat 8 per table. 

Looking for a hall?

mOKENA vfw pOST 725


If you have questions or would like to book a hall, either call :

708 906 7179 or fill out the form below.


       If you are looking for a local hall to rent look no further. We have a large hall and a smaller hall. The halls have access to a kitchen to keep your food either warm or cold. The bars are fully stocked with the finest of liquor and beer. Look no further than the Mokena VFW! We now offer in house catering from Mary Altiery Catering. Once you book the room call our catering service at: 


This is the large hall.

The downstairs hall has a capacity of 56 people and the bar has a capacity of 40 people.   The hall has 8 rectangular tables that seat 8 per table. 

Large Banquet Hall $400

Small Hall $100

In house catering provided by:

The large hall also comes with its own male and female restrooms.